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Let's make eventing safer for all!

Now accepting engineering proposals for the 2022 Design Challenge

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We need your help

Three-day eventing is one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympics. A single mistake can cost both a horse and rider their lives. The main reason for these deaths is the cross-country phase. Horse and rider combinations jump over solid jumps, made of materials like wood and brick which don’t fall down when they are hit. This contact leads to a rotational fall, when a horse forward somersaults in the air before landing on its back and oftentimes its rider. The creation of frangible fences, fences that fall when they are hit, has been an integral part of making the sport safer. Upon contact, frangible fence technology can lower the risk of a rotational fall from 35.1% to 3.6%. New frangible fences that are easy to manufacture and pass the Kettlebell test will save lives in the sport. We need more frangible fences to prevent rotational falls from becoming deadly.

Create a new type of frangible fence that breaks safely and prevents deadly falls. Proposals will be submitted to the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) committee for review. There are two criteria to satisfy to win the cash prize: the fence has to satisfy the safety requirements and be the least expensive. Right now, producing a frangible fence is estimated to cost around $3,000. This is a barrier for smaller venues that don’t have the funds to build jumps like these. Jumps that are cost-effective will increase the production of these fences and allow more venues to implement them.

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How to Apply


Study the design 

guidelines here



Submit your designs 



Finalists identified and winner to receive $5,000 prize June 2022


About Us

The Frangible Design Challenge was originally the idea of 17-year-old Campbell Kadin, an equestrian who, after having witnessed multiple injuries to both riders and animals decided she wanted to help.  She enlisted the help of Robert Kellerhouse, manager of international equestrian facilities, Eventing Risk Management experts, and top riders. She established and self-funded the Frangible Design Challenge, which aims to identify a cross-country fence that can be mass-produced and widely adopted across the sport.

To submit a proposal (or to ask questions), review the guidelines above and email the components to

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